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The Naughty Dogge

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The Naughty Dogge

1633 Kangaroo Rd
Victoria, BC    V9C 4C6

Monique Anstee
I am a Nationally Ranked Dog-Trainer and Competitor, with the Canadian Kennel Club.   I have been training since I could walk.  

I have  lived with and loved 15 different breeds to basic and advanced competition titles and national placements. Currently I have over 65 working titles on my dogs, with multiple High in Trials, and National top-ten group placements on almost every dog. Basil was top three Herding, and number One Tervuren in Canada in 2011.  I have become known for my ability to 'fix' quirky temperaments, build bravery, for my understanding of herding breeds, and my ability to build drive.